Last Days of Summer

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they learning.” -Mr. Rodgers

Last weekend, Ken helped me put up a zip line in our backyard for the two boys. Not only were the boys over the moon, but a flood of emotions came back as I watched my sons ride the same zip line that I helped so many kids on during my early 20’s working at Thena’s daycare. 10+ years later, I get to have a daily remember outside my kitchen window of the years I spent with all those precious kids. As we finish off the last days of summer, we sure are milking these warm weathered weekends with as much time at doors as possible. Even though our backyard looks like a jungle right now, I’m glad the kids are simply having fun. I’ll always look back at these photos and love their carefree spirits zooming between my two favorite trees.

Happy Hallow '18-45Happy Hallow '18-35Happy Hallow '18-49Happy Hallow '18-50Happy Hallow '18-52Happy Hallow '18-55Happy Hallow '18-57Happy Hallow '18-62Happy Hallow '18-67

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