Travels with Jude

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” -Charles Swindoll

We got back from Hawaii last week and I came back having learned a very important lesson. Vacations are entirely different with kids. Now that Jude can talk a lot more and can tell us exactly what he wants and who he wants, it’s harder to find solitude during trips with the family. At least I squeezed in a book and a half and had a chance to watch Jude’s face light up at the sight of the ocean each day.

For you my child, mommy will play ping pong all day and share all my favorite foods with you. Love you, Juju and that smile you shine upon us with each day that we have you.

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Our Very Own California Adventures

“Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.” -Herodotus

It’s been three years since Yvette moved back to Chicago, but in the span of three years a lot has changed while our friendship hasn’t. Even though there is a 2,000 mile distance between her home and mine, we’ve all managed to stay truly connected and in each other’s lives. Even though we love our video chats and our lengthy text conversations, it really can’t beat having one of your closest friends back in person. Thanks to Claire who made this all happen, she surprised us all with a plane ticket for her and the two gals to come to California. The amount of laughter, tears, and hugs that filled this trip pretty much will last me another 365 before we need to find a way back to each other again. Here are highlights from jammed packed weekend. I think I’ve already looked at these photos every day, three times a day trying to relive our weekend. Until next time…

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