Happy Birthday, Roro!

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake.” -50 Cent

We celebrated Roro’s first birthday this past weekend and we had a blast. I don’t think anyone enjoyed it as much as the birthday boy himself, who managed to eat 1/3 of his smash cake. Like the little chubbacub that he is, even after all that he ate he was grunting and pulling for bits of cake when Juju and others came for part of his cake. We are so grateful for all the family and friends that made it out to celebrate Roro with us. This has been a rough week for the little nugget, but it was still great to see everyone again. And a special thank you to Uncle Tim for snapping most of these wonderful photos!

This year has flown by quickly, before he arrived I couldn’t imagine how my heart could expand. Since he’s arrived, my heart has continued to expand with each passing month. He cracks the biggest smile, loves looking for his brother all over the house, and devours everything we allow him to eat. I look forward to the years to come and finding out what Ronan will love.

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Grateful Giving

“The things that we love tell us what we are.” – Thomas Aquinas

Thanksgiving this year was spent with both sides of our family. As usual, we started off the day with my dad’s side of the family. This is the first time that I made an effort to truly document our annual reunion. We have learned to take nothing for granted and to stop to capture what we have in the moment. While we were missing several cousins and my other aunt and uncle, we still gathered together and took photos during our afternoon walk. As I stood behind the tripod, reading the camera I could not help but think how proud my grandparents and my father must have been watching us from heaven. We have grown by adding many additional family members since they passed so long ago and here we are today, altogether to celebrate our gratitude for family.

To Baba, Yeh Yeh, and Nai Nai, we wish you could’ve feasted with us. Held your grandchildren and great grandchildren and joined us as we ate to our hearts content and laughed at all that was shared. We miss you and will never forget the example you set for us when we were growing up, the importance of coming together always with a great meal.




Off to See Sedona

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet, he said.” -Rachel Wolchin

Last weekend, we had a chance to visit our dear friends in Arizona for the first time since their move a year ago. Jude has been listing off events in order, in anticipation of all the fun we’ve had lined up for him. First, there was Halloween, then a weekend trip to San Diego, followed by our trip to Arizona. Thankfully, unlike his San Diego flight he didn’t throw up this time and I had Ken’s help which was great.

We seriously had such an incredible time catching up with the Tan’s and the kids could not have been more happy. We checked off an item off my bucket list, ate a ton of great food, took their Christmas photos, and enjoyed all the work they put into renovating their home. We are so grateful for their hospitality and their ongoing friendship. Our boys are so lucky to have friends they can visit all over the United States.

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We made it to 10!

“Things may seem crazy right now…but some day you’ll miss this.” -Anonymous

Things really are a bit crazy around here. I got HMF last week and it took me awhile to feel 100% again. I am the worst at recognizing when my body is shutting down, I always tell myself “someone else has got it worse.” I’m grateful for the time I got to recuperate last weekend and early into this week. Before my eight shoots tomorrow, I had a chance to capture Ronan last weekend in peaceful bliss. He’s standing, pulling, calling “Ma-ma” and eating up a storm nowadays. Not much is changing, he’s just growing taller by the second. His overalls look like capris and his long sleeves look like quarter sleeves. Last weekend, I had to pull out all of Juju’s old 12-18 month clothes to swap out all the cropped tops in Roro’s dresser. We are t-minus 2 months to Roro’s big birthday and I just can’t believe it. I’m going to miss nursing and cuddling this big baby of mine. Here’s to relishing these last two months of being a true baby.


Barting to the Partyyy

As most people know, we typically try to squeeze in as much as we can during our weekends. Correction. I, try to squeeze in as much as I can. I always tell Juju when I head out to work that I’m going to work in order to make enough money for his next plane ride. If there’s any kid who will grow up with the life motto, “Work hard. Play hard.” It’s definitely going to be Jude. Last weekend, after my shoot we barted into the city to hang out with some of our old friends. I was amazed at how many kids showed up for Lorraine & Jame’s party. Thanks to them, our kids were beyond excited about the cupcakes and smores pit. Wishing this beautiful family a happy birthday month!

Lo & James Party-5Lo & James Party-8Lo & James Party-14Lo & James Party-18Lo & James Party-22Lo & James Party-27Lo & James Party-32Lo & James Party-41Lo & James Party-53Lo & James Party-56Lo & James Party-65Lo & James Party-70Lo & James Party-74Lo & James Party-76Lo & James Party-83Lo & James Party-85Lo & James Party-89Lo & James Party-67


9 Months and then some…

“There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings.” – Anonymous

It is so hard to post on time, but I wanted to take a moment before I get super busy to jot down some of Ronan’s big milestones. This has been a really fun month for us. At 9 months, this chunkamunk has suddenly figured out how to crawl, stand up, and say, “Mama!” Not going to lie, kinda loving his first choice of words. He’s as squirmy as ever, eating like a champ, and becoming more obsessed with watching his big brother do just about anything. Time to move down the crib mattress again and chase after this worm. Here’s to the sad count down to being 1 years old.

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A Short Trip to Socal

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet, he said.” -Rachel Wolchin

I know it’s a bit crazy how much we travel as a family, but it’s something we love to do. We all look forward to catching up with friends and family from all over, especially when we get to stay with them and the nights stretch out into the mornings. When I switched over from using my department store credit card to one that would help me build travel points, I thought I would miss out on all the bonus rewards I used to get. To be honest, since I’ve switched over I’ve been so much better about not purchasing random sale items and instead focusing on planning our next trip. We flew down last weekend to attend a wedding for one of my old youth group kids and we were lucky enough to spend two nights with some of our friends. It was so much fun watching our kiddos roll around, laugh, and have such a good time doing what they do best. It’s crazy how each time we see Micah and Avery they grow so much during these in between months. We can’t wait to go back down for another visit again and maybe next time we’ll make it to Disneyland, when the weather stays below 90 degrees.