Mr. Mellow

“Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older.” -Peter Pan

This weekend Ronan turns four months old. This has been an especially fun month, now that he’s able to recognize his name and faces of those around him. We’re slowly discovering just how different he is from Jude. While they both love people, Ronan waits to make eye contact with someone before beaming into a smile. While Jude started jumping on our laps around this time, Ronan stands stick straight as strong as a tree. He’s patient and mellow and satisfied just hearing my voice. It blows my mind how different these two already are, but as I look back at Jude’s photos I see so many similarities among their differences. It’s a beautiful mix of flashbacks and new discoveries with this new man in my life. He’s the sweetest and my love for him continues to grow and grow.


Back to the Snow Snow

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.” -Anonymous

Last weekend we went back to the snow to fulfill Juju’s winter wish. It wasn’t long ago that we came back from Tahoe with him crying and wailing about not wanting to leave. This time was even better than the last. Ken found the cutest place to stay, I wouldn’t even let them get out of the car until I took pictures of the hotel room. Good thing the boys were all asleep in the car, while Mommy did what she wanted. I truly hope this will be an annual affair for our family and maybe next year we can even have Jude start on skis or a snowboard. My heart is full. Life’s challenges reminds me all the more of how precious time is.

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Forever Linked

“Who needs superheros, when you have a brother.” -Anonymous

As busy has life has been with two kids, working during the week, and shooting on the weekends, I’ve made it a point to take monthly photos of Ronan the same way I did for Jude. I can’t believe how quickly the little nugget filled out. He came home 6 lbs, 7 oz. and quickly made his way to 14 lbs. While he’s not exactly sleeping through the night yet, at least he gives me 4 hours of blissful peace right after I put him down. Then this hungry hippo goes back to 2-3 hour feedings. Life of a newborn is so exhausting!

Last weekend, I shot these photos of the boys together. I can’t imagine what life will be like when they start running circles around each other, but I imagine it’s going to be pure joy for these two. Just looking at the way Ronan already stares up at his brother and without prompting from us, Jude wants to teach his brother how to play with his most prized possession gives me all the feels to make my heart melt. When I designed Ronan’s nursery, I wanted it to be a place that Jude felt welcomed and could easily occupy himself. Fast forward a few months into having added our new addition and the new room has served its purpose. While one is laying down or sleeping, the other is up and playing.

May you two little crazy boys grow up to love each other, make up after fights, and share have each others back forever and ever!

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