Day 1: Hello, Gualala!

“Marriage is meant to keep people together, not just when things are good, but particularly when they are not. That’s why we take marriage vows, not wishes.” -Ngina Otinede

For our 10 year anniversary, we found somewhere magical to stay in the middle of nowhere. I remember a couple of months ago, we spent a couple hours researching places to stay along the coast. I wanted to be by nature and to stay somewhere that would inspire my creative side. I couldn’t believe when we found this gem and I immediately asked Ken to google it. When he said it was a little over 100 miles away, I was sold. We debated taking the kids or not, but how could we not share this beautiful home with them? I can’t tell you how much Jude loved taking baths in the large cement tub. He literally took two bathes per day, just to get in as much time as he could.

The first day was so much fun as the boys explored the house, the beach, and then finished off the night polishing s’mores. Ken and I had time to unwind and talk when the boys were asleep and with the help of no service and spotty wifi we did a good job putting away our screens. I’m going to cherish these special photos for years to come. For now, I’ll hold off sharing Day 2 photos until later this week. 😉

Gualala '19-2Gualala '19-6Gualala '19-8Gualala '19-9Gualala '19-10Gualala '19-12Gualala '19-13Gualala '19-16Gualala '19-17Gualala '19-18Gualala '19-20Gualala '19-22Gualala '19-26Gualala '19-28Gualala '19-39Gualala '19-30Gualala '19-32Gualala '19-41Gualala '19-43Gualala '19-45Gualala '19-46Gualala '19-58Gualala '19-61Gualala '19-69Gualala '19-71Gualala '19-74Gualala '19-77Gualala '19-78Gualala '19-81Gualala '19-83Gualala '19-86Gualala '19-88Gualala '19-92

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Hello, Gualala!

  1. Rosalie, It’s wonderful to witness how you & Ken love each other & your boys with “ time “ !
    Happy 10th anniversary …. Enjoy the journey in the many years to come ! ❤️

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