The More the Merrier

“You have filled my heart with greater joy.” -Psalm 4:7

Our chunkamunk is 8 months old today. What? I swear I still get flashes of his newborn face every once in awhile and remember what it was like holding him for the first time. It wasn’t cute, he actually took a dump as soon as he exited the womb. TMI. The child is such a regular. It just so happens his poop face has been on display for the past few days and I couldn’t help but take video and photos of his hilarious facial expression, see if you can spot which one it is in today’s blog post.

We had my cousin over to celebrate her 30th birthday and her son, Grant. It was so much fun watching Grant and Jude interact together, even though Grant was deathly afraid of Jude chasing him. We watched them make several circles around the dining table and found out Grant is already a pro at asking for personal space.

“You stay at that end of the bench and I’ll stay here.”

As the years go by, I can’t wait to see them play together. Happy 30th, Anna! Looking forward to years and years of celebrations to come.

Jude 8 mos edits-109 Jude 8 mos edits-3 Jude 8 mos edits-6 Jude 8 mos edits-8 Jude 8 mos edits-14

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Double Bumps

“The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.”

I was honored to take part in Justine & Jessica’s double baby shower. Two sisters, who got married in the same year, who are having two babies within months of each others were celebrated today. I am honored I was given the chance to give back to these two who made such a difference when I first started attending San Lo. Jessica was the first person that took time to welcome me and talk with me when I first started visiting Ken’s church. Justine was one of the first gals that I found a ton of commonalities with during one of our first sleepovers with the youth group girls. It’s been a pleasure getting to know them over the course of these last 6 years.

A special thanks to Emi who partnered with me in our joint effort to get all the decorations ready for the party, along with the help of her sister. Between our texts and Pinterest messaging, we pulled together a successful pink and frilly party. Go team!

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Bumps & Bruises

“The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves.” -Ronald Dahl

As I was leaning back on my elbow to capture photos of Jude this week, I couldn’t help but cringe at the bruises left on his face from his recent falls. That was, until I began to really reflect at the cost of the bluish purple marks that stood out as a reminder that my little one is a brave one. In the weeks since he’s learned to stand, he’s pushed himself each day to take bigger risks. It’s made me question, why is it that adults don’t acquire as many new skills in the span of time that infants and toddlers do. It seems as though they’re exponentially growing, whereas we’re simply refining skills we already have. That’s when I realized, I have a lot to learn from Juju. If I would just be willing to get up and try again, while making minor adjustments each time I get up, eventually I’ll become a pro at whatever it is that I’m trying to learn. So at the start of next month, I’m going to be launching a new website that will focus on expanding my passions to help others style their wardrobes, homes, and lives through my love of photography, closet organization, styling, and event planning.

One thing is for sure. Jude loves having company over on days I’m not at work. He loves pretty ladies and fun uncles. I’m pretty sure he’s becoming a bit of an extrovert. I wonder where he gets that from?

Jude 7 mos edits-107 Jude 7 mos edits-105Jude 7 mos edits-109 Jude 7 mos edits-110 Jude 7 mos edits-111 Jude 7 mos edits-113 Jude 7 mos edits-117 Jude 7 mos edits-118 Jude 7 mos edits-119 Jude 7 mos edits-121 Jude 7 mos edits-122 Jude 7 mos edits-125 Jude 7 mos edits-126 Jude 7 mos edits-128 Jude 7 mos edits-130 Jude 7 mos edits-133 Jude 7 mos edits-134

Why is he so determined to stand and cruise one handed?

The Best Pay Cut of My Life

“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” -Mother Teresa

Some of you may not know, but I took a part time position this year to spend more time with Jude. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life for my family. I love days off, especially when I get to watch him develop a new skill. This week we spent time together helping him build his little foot muscles and by Wednesday he was pulling himself up in his crib.

Years ago, when I worked at the Second Family Childcare Center I would often take photos for each child’s portfolio. Now, I get to capture Jude’s daily accomplishments to show Ken and our family. It’s just as sweet as I remember it being. I look forward to years of this. Until he runs from the camera and tells me to go away.

Looking at these photos makes me realize that life is short. Do what you love, love what you do. There’s only one life to live, so make this one count. xoxo

Jude 7 mos edits-47 Jude 7 mos edits-51 Jude 7 mos edits-55 Jude 7 mos edits-60 Jude 7 mos edits-61 Jude 7 mos edits-62 Jude 7 mos edits-64 Jude 7 mos edits-68 Jude 7 mos edits-73 Jude 7 mos edits-75 Jude 7 mos edits-78 Jude 7 mos edits-79 Jude 7 mos edits-81 Jude 7 mos edits-87 Jude 7 mos edits-89 Jude 7 mos edits-90 Jude 7 mos edits-95 Jude 7 mos edits-100 Jude 7 mos edits-102

Thighs…glorious, chunky thighs.

Happy birthday to Ethan & Landon!

“We are what we believe we are.”

I just have to say, being a mom has some major perks. Jude got invited to a Super Hero Training Camp and I’m so glad Ken convinced me to bring my camera. Seriously, how cute are these kids in their super hero costumes with their custom made capes they got from the birthday boys? Their family went all out when it came to the food, decor, and entertainment. Looking forward to accompanying Jude to many more parties. Check out their newly decked out car they painted for this party. The Huen’s did a great job with this out of this world party! 

Happy birthday, Ethan & Landon! Thanks for the invite. We had sooooo much fun! 

Super Hero Camp Edits-8 Super Hero Camp Edits-11 Super Hero Camp Edits-12 Super Hero Camp Edits-14 Super Hero Camp Edits-19

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Laboring in Napa

“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”


I can’t think of a local place I would rather be than Napa, California. Jude made his fourth trip there today, with us and his auntie and uncle. There wasn’t really an agenda, other than to grab some good food, and try out Alpha Omega. Jude had just as much fun as we did, crawling across couches and being around lots of people. We even made a furry friend at lunch today! Looking forward to our next trip back, whenever that will be. 

Napa 9.1 Edits-8 Napa 9.1 Edits-9 Napa 9.1 Edits-10 Napa 9.1 Edits-11 Napa 9.1 Edits-14 Napa 9.1 Edits-15Napa 9.1 Edits-18

Napa 9.1 Edits-20 Napa 9.1 Edits-23 Napa 9.1 Edits-24 Napa 9.1 Edits-25 Napa 9.1 Edits-26 Napa 9.1 Edits-27 Napa 9.1 Edits-29 Napa 9.1 Edits-32 Napa 9.1 Edits-37 Napa 9.1 Edits-38 Napa 9.1 Edits-39 Napa 9.1 Edits-40 Napa 9.1 Edits-46 Napa 9.1 Edits-49 Napa 9.1 Edits-53 Napa 9.1 Edits-54 Napa 9.1 Edits-55 Napa 9.1 Edits-57 Napa 9.1 Edits-60 Napa 9.1 Edits-62 Napa 9.1 Edits-65 Napa 9.1 Edits-67 Napa 9.1 Edits-72