Bump Watch

It was extra special to have my brother and Chantal over this weekend. Saturday my brother took a quick photo for me before I attended my first quinceanera for an old student of mine and Chantal came over today to see the new place.  Next month, we get to find out the gender of our baby! Cast your vote. Is it going to be a girl or boy? 😉

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Lovely Lady Bump

I can’t believe my cousin is already in month 6 of her pregnancy. It’s unbelievable seeing her once small belly grow and shape into this beautiful bump. There is a life growing inside of her that I can’t wait to meet in November. We have two more shoots before we’ll have a baby to take photos of. As always, God blessed Anna with the perfect outfit to match our surroundings. 6 months in a row of perfect coincidental coordination. = ) 


The Secret Garden Project

“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” -Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

The school I work for was recently granted some money to create a new mural next to our now blooming school garden. It’s amazing to see how far this little plot of land has become in just two years. Once filled with gravel and dirt, it’s full of life, food, and flowers. This is just the beginning, but in another week, the entire mural should be finished. The artist wanted to depict a scene from “The Secret Garden” for our students, as they find themselves taken away from the four walls of their classrooms once a week during the school year. We’re so grateful for the work that Mike and his team are doing. I simply can’t wait to see the end result!