Counting My Blessings

“When I’m worried and cannot sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep.” -Bing Crosby

I’ve wanted to do a photo shoot at the Naval Base for quite some time and I’ve always been too busy, I figured today was as good as any to bring Jude to a new fun playground. All he needs is steps, bumps, rocks, and sticks to have a good ‘ol time. I was laughing half the time we were out together. He found this large moss covered wooden stick and heft it over his shoulders and started saying in Chinese, “Diao yu!” He asked me to drag it over to the waters edge and plopped himself down on a large rock, before asking me to find a stick and join him on his fishing trip. Seriously, how can I have a bad morning with this one? (Remind me the next time he throws a tantrum about posts like this)

Having lost my father when I was nine years old has probably put me into overdrive as a parent in some ways. I just want to fill Jude’s life bucket with a million and one adventures, so that whenever that day comes I know he’ll be able to look back with no regrets. Instead of a lifetime of, “I wish I had more time with my mom.” I want him to believe, “The time I had with her was more than enough.” For now, I commit to spending each day and each moment I have with Jude enjoying our time as mother and son.

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“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” -Walt Disney

Our little man turned two on Friday and it just blows my mind that Ken and I have officially been parents for two years. Jude has turned into a child that definitely dances to the beat of his own drum. Each day I’m home with him is a day we go out on a juventure. Whether it’s going to the park, the Bart station, or to the ice cream shop almost 100% of the time there is his luggage in tow.

Each night Ken comes home, he asks me what made me fall in love with my son that day on our Juventure and I answer him with some story from our day. Out of all the little things that have filled my heart as a mother, my recent favorite took place just a few weeks ago. I’d been singing Jude a special song I made for him when he was born, along with a few other childhood favorites of mine. One night, he shook his head, “uh uh.” He didn’t want me to sing because HE wanted in on the action. The next thing I knew, I was feeding him a couple lines at a time and he was singing his own special song.

“Hi ____.”



“Ai ni!”

That song and “This Little Light of Mine” are now the two that he sings along with me. I couldn’t be happier with this crazy munchkin of ours. To all those that came and celebrated Jude’s 2nd birthday with us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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