Disney Adventures for Father’s Day

“Collect moments, not things.” -Anonymous

It’s been a pretty crazy two weeks and in this time frame a lot has happened. Throughout it all, I have come to appreciate and hold onto the good things. Moments that will create a lasting memory, loved ones that will hold me tight, and friendships that are worth celebrating. For this years Father’s Day Celebration, I decided to plan a surprise trip to Disneyland for Ken with one of our good friends. Ken and I both agreed that this was by far our favorite Disney trip! Jude had no fear while swinging on the large ferris wheel and loved flying Dumbo amongst all the other rides he went on! He was such a trooper and made it from sun up to sun down. It’ll be awhile before return again, but this was quite the memorable trip. Thanks again to Brandon for helping us make the most of this amazing trip and a special shoutout to Ken’s sister for the matching father and son shirts! = )

Disneyland '15-1 Disneyland '15-4 Disneyland '15-5 Disneyland '15-8 Disneyland '15-10 Disneyland '15-12 Disneyland '15-15 Disneyland '15-21 Continue reading

SFCC 10 Year Reunion

“Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resource of forms, materials, sounds, and colors.” -Loris Malaguzzi

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I worked at the Second Family Childcare Center. So much of what I know as an educator and as a mom came from my years with Thena as my mentor. Even today, the relationships that have stemmed from my time there are some of the most important ones in my life. The greatest lesson of all that I learned from my time at Thena’s was that children are more capable than we believe and as long as they can get up, they can come down. Since the day Jude could roll over that’s what I’ve adapted to every skill he’s learned. Encouragement in the place of praise, acknowledgement in the place of prizes, and laughter in the place of lectures. I didn’t get to stay long, but here are some of the snapshots from our 10 year reunion from a couple of weeks ago.

SFCC Reunion-1 SFCC Reunion-4 SFCC Reunion-7 SFCC Reunion-8 SFCC Reunion-12 SFCC Reunion-14 SFCC Reunion-22 SFCC Reunion-23 SFCC Reunion-28 SFCC Reunion-29 SFCC Reunion-36 SFCC Reunion-39SFCC Reunion-32 SFCC Reunion-37 SFCC Reunion-38 SFCC Reunion-11

Shine, Shine, Shine

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” -Maya Angelou

This little boy of mine really knows how to shine. Watching him each day, reminds me of why God created him. We want nothing more than for his little light to shine. This past month he’s learned how to say, “Bu-bble” with a thick Chinese accent, ask “please,” and follow along with the hand motions of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Ring Around a Rosie.” It’s been another fun month and the best part about having Jude is the fact that he makes my bad days good again. Here’s to another month with this little bugger.

Jude 16 mos-4 Jude 16 mos-6 Jude 16 mos-15 Jude 16 mos-16 Jude 16 mos-22 Jude 16 mos-25 Jude 16 mos-51 Jude 16 mos-52 Jude 16 mos-53 Jude 16 mos-55 Jude 16 mos-56 Jude 16 mos-57 Jude 16 mos-59Jude 16 mos-58Jude 16 mos-61