9 Months and then some…

“There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings.” – Anonymous

It is so hard to post on time, but I wanted to take a moment before I get super busy to jot down some of Ronan’s big milestones. This has been a really fun month for us. At 9 months, this chunkamunk has suddenly figured out how to crawl, stand up, and say, “Mama!” Not going to lie, kinda loving his first choice of words. He’s as squirmy as ever, eating like a champ, and becoming more obsessed with watching his big brother do just about anything. Time to move down the crib mattress again and chase after this worm. Here’s to the sad count down to being 1 years old.

Roro 9 mo-13Roro 9 mo-18Roro 9 mo-27Roro 9 mo-34Roro 9 mo-37Roro 9 mo-38Roro 9 mo-40Roro 9 mo-41

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