A Short Trip to Socal

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet, he said.” -Rachel Wolchin

I know it’s a bit crazy how much we travel as a family, but it’s something we love to do. We all look forward to catching up with friends and family from all over, especially when we get to stay with them and the nights stretch out into the mornings. When I switched over from using my department store credit card to one that would help me build travel points, I thought I would miss out on all the bonus rewards I used to get. To be honest, since I’ve switched over I’ve been so much better about not purchasing random sale items and instead focusing on planning our next trip. We flew down last weekend to attend a wedding for one of my old youth group kids and we were lucky enough to spend two nights with some of our friends. It was so much fun watching our kiddos roll around, laugh, and have such a good time doing what they do best. It’s crazy how each time we see Micah and Avery they grow so much during these in between months. We can’t wait to go back down for another visit again and maybe next time we’ll make it to Disneyland, when the weather stays below 90 degrees.


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