Barting to the Partyyy

As most people know, we typically try to squeeze in as much as we can during our weekends. Correction. I, try to squeeze in as much as I can. I always tell Juju when I head out to work that I’m going to work in order to make enough money for his next plane ride. If there’s any kid who will grow up with the life motto, “Work hard. Play hard.” It’s definitely going to be Jude. Last weekend, after my shoot we barted into the city to hang out with some of our old friends. I was amazed at how many kids showed up for Lorraine & Jame’s party. Thanks to them, our kids were beyond excited about the cupcakes and smores pit. Wishing this beautiful family a happy birthday month!

Lo & James Party-5Lo & James Party-8Lo & James Party-14Lo & James Party-18Lo & James Party-22Lo & James Party-27Lo & James Party-32Lo & James Party-41Lo & James Party-53Lo & James Party-56Lo & James Party-65Lo & James Party-70Lo & James Party-74Lo & James Party-76Lo & James Party-83Lo & James Party-85Lo & James Party-89Lo & James Party-67

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