Stinky & Special

“Children are a gift from the Lord…” -Psalm 127:3

Most children have something they cling to before going to bed, for Juju it’s his special set of Angel Dear blankets. His first set was gifted to him by my friend Lyndsay, who knew I had planned on decorating his room with horses. Even though, Jude came a couple days before Chinese New Year, I wasn’t about to switch everything out for snakes in his nursery. It’s amazing how special these are to him. Even though we now have a set of horses, lions, bears, and dogs he seems to find these to be his favorite. All other brands and options aren’t acceptable for his nap and nighttime routines.

I have to admit, as stinky as these little blankets have become it still makes me smile at the sight of him shoving his little security blanket into his mouth. I try to remember that one day, he’ll be too old for a lot of things. He’ll be too old to hold onto his blanket, too old to have mommy kiss him in public, too old to cuddle on my lap and so for now I want to treasure these small moments that will be gone in a blink of an eye.

Juju's Angel Dear-2 Juju's Angel Dear-5Juju's Angel Dear-7

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