The Unexpected

“Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” -Jack Kerouac

Last night, Uncle Ted and Auntie Colette brought of a special present for Juju. His very own left handed golf set! He was in love the minute his eyes widened at the sight of the clubs on the cardboard box. In an attempt to capture his excitement and joy, I decided to take out the camera today after work. Anyone and everyone who knows me, knows I always have my phone on me…except for today. Unfortunately, today was one of those days where things didn’t go quite according to plan. Ken accidentally locked Juju and I out of our house on his way to his softball game. I have to admit, the two hours we waited before giving up and borrowing our neighbor’s phone wasn’t a complete waste. While getting stung by a bee didn’t help matters, seeing Juju’s face light up as he played golf in the backyard and the hour spent at the elementary school playground near us was still good. My favorite part of our adventure was having Juju point his little index finger to the curb as a request for to me to sit next to him. There we were at the end of our day, sitting side by side on the sidewalk having ourselves a little conversation. It’s moments like those that make me appreciate how Juju has a way of making everything better.

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