A little bit of love, goes a long way!

“Enter as strangers. Leave as friends.” -Anonymous

Yesterday, we opened our home for Baby Yee’s Baby Shower and it couldn’t have turned out better. Her sisters and bestie threw together a Pinterest worthy party. The decor, food, and Storybook theme came together perfectly. Forrest and Ed smoked ribs for over 4 hours to feed the guests of the party and Kimi’s father brought his homemade inari and BBQ’d his delicious chicken wings. We’re glad our backyard got some loving after being neglected during the cold winter months. So glad we were able to meet so many of their loved ones! Enjoy a few photos from yesterday.

Yee Shower-5Yee Shower-6Yee Shower-8Yee Shower-12Yee Shower-16-2Yee Shower-48 Yee Shower-50 Yee Shower-15Yee Shower-17Yee Shower-23Yee Shower-21Yee Shower-22Yee Shower-25Yee Shower-29Yee Shower-30Yee Shower-40Yee Shower-43Yee Shower-44Yee Shower-46Yee Shower-54 Yee Shower-61 Yee Shower-62 Yee Shower-70 Yee Shower-71 Yee Shower-74 Yee Shower-75 Yee Shower-80 Yee Shower-89 Yee Shower-92 Yee Shower-99 Yee Shower-106 Yee Shower-110 Yee Shower-114p.s. Don’t mind Juju’s ugly hair. He’s due for a haircut from baba. =p

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