Choo Choo Train

“You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.” -E.E. Cummings

I’ve been looking forward to taking my mom and Jude on the Sunol Train for quite some time. Part of the allure of today’s adventure was knowing I’d be able to photograph beautifully restored old trains and the other part of it is my desire to fill Jude’s albums with as many new experiences as possible. He had so much fun walking up and down the train with his Popo and eating snacks on his lap. He even shared his snacks twice! 😉

Today’s trip was spent went with a handful of church friends who we sat with in an open car for 1.5 hours. It was the perfect way to start of a Saturday. The trains sweet, slow pace made it easy for Jude to walk around, while listening to live musicians making their way through train. I highly encourage taking the time to schedule a trip to ride the train if you have little ones and want something different to do on the weekend!

Sunol Train-2 Sunol Train-3 Sunol Train-4 Sunol Train-8 Sunol Train-13 Sunol Train-17 Sunol Train-19 Sunol Train-20 Sunol Train-25 Sunol Train-33 Sunol Train-34 Sunol Train-35 Sunol Train-38 Sunol Train-39 Sunol Train-41 Sunol Train-44 Sunol Train-46 Sunol Train-48 Sunol Train-50 Sunol Train-52 Sunol Train-53 Sunol Train-55 Sunol Train-58 Sunol Train-59 Sunol Train-60 Sunol Train-64 Sunol Train-66 Sunol Train-69 Sunol Train-70 Sunol Train-73 Sunol Train-75 Sunol Train-78

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