Looking Out the Same Window

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” -Anonymous

There was something incredibly special about taking Jude to Hong Kong to meet our family. Watching him discover the hustle and bustle of the streets, meeting our family, and looking through the same window I grew up staring out of was a dream come true. As scared and nervous as I was about flying with him for so many hours, the fear of him not getting a chance to meet my grandmother when she’s still doing so well made it all worth it. Even today, after I finished editing my photos I was asking Juju where Tai Po and Yi Po were and he perked up at the sound of their names as I pointed out their photos. Thank you to all those who treated us out, visited, and hosted us! I don’t know when we’ll be going back, but I will treasure these photos for years to come!

There are so many photos to choose from, but I’ll try to narrow down my favorites to give you all a snippet of life in Hong Kong. Many of these photos include the bond that was formed between my cousin’s son and Jude who are merely 4 months apart.

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