Double Bumps

“The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.”

I was honored to take part in Justine & Jessica’s double baby shower. Two sisters, who got married in the same year, who are having two babies within months of each others were celebrated today. I am honored I was given the chance to give back to these two who made such a difference when I first started attending San Lo. Jessica was the first person that took time to welcome me and talk with me when I first started visiting Ken’s church. Justine was one of the first gals that I found a ton of commonalities with during one of our first sleepovers with the youth group girls. It’s been a pleasure getting to know them over the course of these last 6 years.

A special thanks to Emi who partnered with me in our joint effort to get all the decorations ready for the party, along with the help of her sister. Between our texts and Pinterest messaging, we pulled together a successful pink and frilly party. Go team!

Jess & Justine's Edits-2 Jess & Justine's Edits-5 Jess & Justine's Edits-6 Jess & Justine's Edits-11Jess & Justine's Edits-33Jess & Justine's Edits-16Jess & Justine's Edits-17Jess & Justine's Edits-51 

Jess & Justine's Edits-18 Jess & Justine's Edits-20 Jess & Justine's Edits-23Jess & Justine's Edits-32Jess & Justine's Edits-26 Jess & Justine's Edits-28 Jess & Justine's Edits-31 Jess & Justine's Edits-36 Jess & Justine's Edits-39 Jess & Justine's Edits-42 Jess & Justine's Edits-43 Jess & Justine's Edits-44 Jess & Justine's Edits-47  Jess & Justine's Edits-57 Jess & Justine's Edits-58 Jess & Justine's Edits-62 Jess & Justine's Edits-63 Jess & Justine's Edits-71  Jess & Justine's Edits-78 Jess & Justine's Edits-82 Jess & Justine's Edits-94 Jess & Justine's Edits-97 Jess & Justine's Edits-102

2 thoughts on “Double Bumps

  1. Rosalie, these are amazing pics!! Thank u soo much for all your hours of hard work and creativity…AND for being our photographer!! Thank you!!

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