The More the Merrier

“You have filled my heart with greater joy.” -Psalm 4:7

Our chunkamunk is 8 months old today. What? I swear I still get flashes of his newborn face every once in awhile and remember what it was like holding him for the first time. It wasn’t cute, he actually took a dump as soon as he exited the womb. TMI. The child is such a regular. It just so happens his poop face has been on display for the past few days and I couldn’t help but take video and photos of his hilarious facial expression, see if you can spot which one it is in today’s blog post.

We had my cousin over to celebrate her 30th birthday and her son, Grant. It was so much fun watching Grant and Jude interact together, even though Grant was deathly afraid of Jude chasing him. We watched them make several circles around the dining table and found out Grant is already a pro at asking for personal space.

“You stay at that end of the bench and I’ll stay here.”

As the years go by, I can’t wait to see them play together. Happy 30th, Anna! Looking forward to years and years of celebrations to come.

Jude 8 mos edits-109 Jude 8 mos edits-3 Jude 8 mos edits-6 Jude 8 mos edits-8 Jude 8 mos edits-14

Jude 8 mos edits-17 Jude 8 mos edits-24 Jude 8 mos edits-21 Jude 8 mos edits-28 Jude 8 mos edits-32 Jude 8 mos edits-37 Jude 8 mos edits-44 Jude 8 mos edits-45 Jude 8 mos edits-53 Jude 8 mos edits-55 Jude 8 mos edits-57  Jude 8 mos edits-63 Jude 8 mos edits-65 Jude 8 mos edits-68 Jude 8 mos edits-69 Jude 8 mos edits-70 Jude 8 mos edits-81 Jude 8 mos edits-85 Jude 8 mos edits-86  Jude 8 mos edits-92 Jude 8 mos edits-94 Jude 8 mos edits-104 Jude 8 mos edits-108

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