Bumps & Bruises

“The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves.” -Ronald Dahl

As I was leaning back on my elbow to capture photos of Jude this week, I couldn’t help but cringe at the bruises left on his face from his recent falls. That was, until I began to really reflect at the cost of the bluish purple marks that stood out as a reminder that my little one is a brave one. In the weeks since he’s learned to stand, he’s pushed himself each day to take bigger risks. It’s made me question, why is it that adults don’t acquire as many new skills in the span of time that infants and toddlers do. It seems as though they’re exponentially growing, whereas we’re simply refining skills we already have. That’s when I realized, I have a lot to learn from Juju. If I would just be willing to get up and try again, while making minor adjustments each time I get up, eventually I’ll become a pro at whatever it is that I’m trying to learn. So at the start of next month, I’m going to be launching a new website that will focus on expanding my passions to help others style their wardrobes, homes, and lives through my love of photography, closet organization, styling, and event planning.

One thing is for sure. Jude loves having company over on days I’m not at work. He loves pretty ladies and fun uncles. I’m pretty sure he’s becoming a bit of an extrovert. I wonder where he gets that from?

Jude 7 mos edits-107 Jude 7 mos edits-105Jude 7 mos edits-109 Jude 7 mos edits-110 Jude 7 mos edits-111 Jude 7 mos edits-113 Jude 7 mos edits-117 Jude 7 mos edits-118 Jude 7 mos edits-119 Jude 7 mos edits-121 Jude 7 mos edits-122 Jude 7 mos edits-125 Jude 7 mos edits-126 Jude 7 mos edits-128 Jude 7 mos edits-130 Jude 7 mos edits-133 Jude 7 mos edits-134

Why is he so determined to stand and cruise one handed?

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