“Family are like branches, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

This past weekend, we took Baby Jude down to sunny San Diego for his first vacation ever. It was simply priceless watching him give his Uncle Abe his big toothless grin over and over again. Of course, Jude had to dress the part to meet up with his uncle! I scored this cute little onesie at Carters a couple months ago and couldn’t wait for him to fit into it.

All I can say is, having a weekend to spend not only with my brother but with my old WVCAC youth was perfection. I apologize in advance for the many blog posts to come. I simply can’t fit all the goods all at once, so I’m going to be spreading out Jude’s adventures throughout this upcoming week. We’ll start with his very first beach experience after we dined at George’s. How could we resist? The beach was literally within walking distance. The best part of seeing these photos is being able to relive the fun and the memories all over again. Time to go, the little tyke is awake!

 Jude in SD-7 Jude in SD-1 Jude in SD-8

Jude in SD-30 Jude in SD-34 Jude in SD-42Jude in SD-38 Jude in SD-40 Jude in SD-50 Jude in SD-48 Jude in SD-49 Jude in SD-52 Jude in SD-51 Jude in SD-54 Jude in SD-55 Jude in SD-69 Jude in SD-73Jude in SD-71 Jude in SD-85Jude in SD-79 Jude in SD-87 Jude in SD-99Jude in SD-92 Jude in SD-101 Jude in SD-107

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