Jude in June

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” -Charles Spurgeon

I know the novelty of spending all our free time with our chunkamunk will eventually wear off, but for now we absolutely love taking him everywhere with us. It’s so much fun watching him interact with all his aunties and uncles. I don’t think we’ve smiled as much as we find ourselves doing now, since we were kids ourselves. Just the thought of him makes us gleeful. For today’s adventure, we hung out at Sylvia’s special Facebook lounge in her apartment building. It was the perfect fancy schmancy little spot for us to spend hours together. Who doesn’t want to get a tan playing ping pong, eating all day, and goofing off with friends?

June Jude Edits-29June Jude Edits-25June Jude Edits-31

June Jude Edits-55 June Jude Edits-49June Jude Edits-41June Jude Edits-39 June Jude Edits-47 June Jude Edits-45 June Jude Edits-38June Jude Edits-58June Jude Edits-28 June Jude Edits-37 June Jude Edits-62 June Jude Edits-65 June Jude Edits-73June Jude Edits-72 June Jude Edits-77

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