His & Hers

Those of you who are Type A, OCD, and slightly neurotic might understand my need to have things in a certain order, in a certain way. My poor hubs, has suffered from my unreasonable living expectations for more than three years. There’s a legitimate reason why I do the laundry, even if he tried I’d end up redoing everything anyways.

To help with my insane lifestyle, between commuting from the South Bay to the East Bay day in and day out, caring for a 112 pound rottie, and loving my many side hobbies, I take all the shortcuts I can. Let me introduce to you my favorite tool. The almighty acrylic folding board. All who have spent time working retail know the power of an acrylic board. Last year, my work twin and I decided to purchase legit boards. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging.

We begin with a pile of sweaters…



Tips: Embrace the inner organizer. Create an account at http://www.robertham.com. Check your email, look for a coupon code, and purchase as many acrylic boards as your heart desires. For the record, they would make a great Valentine’s gift…just sayin.

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