Poshmark Obsession

Happy New Years! I know many of you are probably making a list of new years resolutions and one of them having to do with “saving up more money”. If that’s on your list, you’re not the only one.

Who doesn’t like having a couple side jobs to save up and splurge on something you love? I wanted to share with you what I’ve been obsessed with for the last eight months. Two of my best friends attended a Poshmark Party in April and came back raving about this new iphone app. I decided to begin my closet purge, alongside my lovely lady friends. Since then, I’ve sold items I’ve owned between one to five years old, making close to $3,000 back. Instead of using a separate budget to purchase newly needed items, I first sell something I already own. That’s how I’ve started my “revolving closet concept”. Most girls can only rewear the same dress a couple times to different weddings with the same friends in attendance. Poshmark solves your problem. You wear it, pose in it with your hair all done, looking all fancy and come home to post your dress.

I was lucky enough to visit Poshmark’s headquarters today and visit with one of their fabulous team members. The team members are real people, with real lives, with real passion. I hope we can all do what we love every day of our lives.
















photo 4

photo 2

If you’d like to start shopping my closet or my fabulous friends. Download Poshmark on your iPhone and type in HBMNP. You’ll immediately score a $5 credit. Happy Poshmarking! You’ll end up at the Post Office more often than the grocery story in no time.

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