15 Minute Closet Makeover

What happens when you surround yourself with fabulous friends, coffee table books, and the internet? You wake up wanting to make instant changes. This morning was no different, I woke up, threw on my spectacles, and grabbed an old roll of shelf liners (T.J.Maxx $3.99). I emptied out an old shelf in my coat closet and began my mini makeover, in order to make room for my new bookends. Courtesy of the 50% section at Zgallerie. 




Why the dog ends? Suki is the reason for my obsession. Whenever I create a new vignette  I like to bring something new and something old together. It’s not just how I create spaces in my house, but how I’ve been created. It’s both the past and the present that make me who I am. In my dedication to the past, I pulled out three old classics I remember taking from my grandfather’s library when he passed away while I was in high school. Until next time…woof, woof. 


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