Hong Kong with Two Littles

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” -Shanti

We’ve been back for two weeks already and the itch to be back in Hong Kong is still present in our every day conversations. While the flights are never fun, when you’re traveling with any child under 2 years old it was all worth it. Jude fell in love with his daily trips to all kinds of fun. We played in ball pits, rode on trams, sat in double decker buses, went to Disneyland twice, traveled by boat to Macau, and bought all kinds of treats.

Throughout the entire trip, my cousin and I both kept saying, “Popo would’ve been so happy to see these two boys playing so well together.” Osman and Jude acted like brothers. They played so much together and talked about things only four year olds find hilarious. It was so much fun getting to see their eyes light up. Until our next trip, we have a lot of money we need to save up because Ronan was able to eat three baos all by himself just for breakfast and a whole lot more each day of our trip. I cannot even fathom how much he’ll be able to eat the next time we come back. For now, these images will bring us back to one of the best trips we’ve had as a family.

HK '18-2HK '18-5HK '18-12HK '18-21HK '18-22HK '18-24HK '18-27HK '18-33HK '18-34HK '18-37HK '18-43HK '18-45HK '18-49HK '18-56HK '18-59HK '18-60HK '18-61HK '18-65HK '18-66HK '18-76HK '18-87HK '18-88HK '18-89HK '18-97HK '18-105HK '18-116HK '18-121HK '18-124HK '18-130HK '18-134HK '18-137HK '18-139HK '18-144HK '18-150HK '18-153HK '18-168HK '18-174HK '18-176HK '18-177HK '18-189HK '18-190HK '18-195HK '18-207HK '18-210HK '18-211HK '18-216HK '18-220HK '18-264HK '18-273HK '18-280HK '18-292

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