Hunting for Some Easter Eggs

“Some BUNNY loves you.”

I still haven’t had a chance to go through my 700+ images from our Hong Kong trip, but I did get a chance to work through today’s shots from our belated Easter Egg Brunch. There are some of areas of my life that I can easily say were easier and better without kids, but holidays and trips are infinitely more fun with the little ones in tow. It doesn’t mean things are easy, but the memories and the amount of joy that exudes from their smiles makes up for nearly all the difficulties.

Each year we seem to add on to our traditions, simply because we get to see how much fun it is for all the kids and ourselves. It’s just a great way to slow down and enjoy the time we do get with family and friends. Good food. Good fun. Good smiles.

Easter '18-2Easter '18-4Easter '18-6Easter '18-8Easter '18-10Easter '18-17Easter '18-20Easter '18-22Easter '18-23Easter '18-28Easter '18-30Easter '18-33Easter '18-37Easter '18-41Easter '18-44Easter '18-45Easter '18-49Easter '18-51Easter '18-52Easter '18-56Easter '18-61

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