A Little Snow Makes a Whole Lot of Fun

“Take vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can’t always make memories.” -Anonymous

We spent the weekend in Tahoe and even though there was only a little snow, it didn’t dampen the fun that we had. The cousins had a wonderful time playing together. The little bugger who still is too lazy to walk had his fun crawling everywhere begging for snacks and more food all day long. Nattie spent nearly all weekend either following Juju or Ronan or asking for them, when her cousins slept in during the early morning hours. And Juju, of course, had a blast playing arcade games and sledding from the top of the hill to the bottom. Often, asking to go all by himself. We were hoping he would be able to try out his new snowboard, but with so little snow and no one else boarding near him. He wanted to enjoy picking up speed, like everyone else around him. I’m sure that this will be the first of many trips to Tahoe for these nuggets.

Tahoe '18-1Tahoe '18-8Tahoe '18-15Tahoe '18-16Tahoe '18-17Tahoe '18-21Tahoe '18-27Tahoe '18-28Tahoe '18-31Tahoe '18-38Tahoe '18-39Tahoe '18-42Tahoe '18-49Tahoe '18-52Tahoe '18-53Tahoe '18-54Tahoe '18-58Tahoe '18-60Tahoe '18-66Tahoe '18-69Tahoe '18-71Tahoe '18-75Tahoe '18-90Tahoe '18-92Tahoe '18-96Tahoe '18-104Tahoe '18-108Tahoe '18-109Tahoe '18-110Tahoe '18-112Tahoe '18-117Tahoe '18-119Tahoe '18-122Tahoe '18-123Tahoe '18-129Tahoe '18-131Tahoe '18-135Tahoe '18-138

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