Bumps in the Road

“Into each life some rain must fall.” -Henry Longfellow

Our family of three, will soon become a family of four. We wanted to share the news with you all and to continue to ask for your prayers as we learn how to adjust our lives to our future member. Baby Yu will make his or her debut this December.

Here is the double shoot I did with Juju, since he had a meltdown the first day when one of the two balloons popped within 5 minutes of being outside. The poor child has the worst luck with balloons! He was a great sport and came back out a second time with Ken’s help.

While I was away this weekend in San Diego and Palm Springs, my brother and I got stuck when his truck broke down. We were actually going to stop to take a quick picture for my announcement photos, but as soon as we slipped out of the truck we both heard his car gushing out green liquid. We knew immediately that the likelihood of me making my flight was slim, but even as my brother dealt with figuring out what to do next he told me to go check out the view and to bring my camera.

Sitting there on the cement wall and taking in the view, it struck me that my brother was right to tell me to just enjoy it. In a moment where we had to face the chance I wouldn’t get back in time for my flight, he wanted me to take advantage of what was still good and beautiful. And my brother was right, the view was breathtaking. I felt free, I felt warm in the sun, and I felt good in my soul. That moment of silence for me has stuck with me these during these last few days. It got me thinking and as I drove to work yesterday morning, that bumps in the road are meant to slow us down. When things get hard, when life throws you difficult situations, slowing down can be such a beautiful thing. It’s when we slow down that we stop to assess our lives. I was talking with someone I love yesterday and as we shared about our lives, I realized I have never been more grateful for having experienced bumps in my life. These bumps, the hardships that come with life, teach us how to listen closely, to talk deeply, and to just be more present in life. We remember to not take things for granted and to love harder. So if you’re having a difficult time right now, embrace the slow down and look around. Today, I am reminded to be grateful for all the little bumps in the road that have gotten us to where we are. Let’s also hope Juju will embrace the bump in the road that’s coming in December. 😉

Baby Yu #2-1Baby Yu #2-2Baby Yu #2-4Baby Yu #2-7Baby Yu #2-11Baby Yu #2-12Baby Yu #2-14Baby Yu #2-15Baby Yu #2-31Baby Yu #2-34Baby Yu #2-36Baby Yu #2-40Baby Yu #2-42Baby Yu #2-70Baby Yu #2-76

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  1. This is beautiful, and such a great perspective for those bumps in life. I used to just hate the trials, but a little more life experience is helping me grow in trusting that God can redeem anything.

    Congrats to your family!!! Good times are coming :D. Sending so much love to you and yours!

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