Unending Joy

“Joy is an outward sign of inward faith in the promises of God.” -Tommy Newberry

This past week has been extremely busy, but worth every bit of trouble that I went through. Just as my phone decided to crash this week, (I guess that’s what happens when you have 7,000 photos and 500 videos and too many text messages to count) we headed up to BAAYF. This trip back was the first time in nearly three years that I’ve gotten to stay overnight and it was everything and so much more than I could’ve asked for. To be back in the tabernacle where we haven’t met in years and to be seated amongst those who I’ve known for so long and seeing all the new faces literally filled my soul to the brim. I could not be prouder of the work that our previous campers, turned staff members have done. This mama bear is mighty proud and seeing Jude fall in love with the camp grounds and all the people there was the icing on top. This is where we both grew up, Ken and I built so many friendships here, we both learned to love God through camp, and ultimately found each other. Seeing Jude marvel and scooter his way around camp like he’s lived here his whole life, was the perfect glimpse into his future. I look forward to next year and the years that are yet to come. Praying all the campers, counselors, and staff members walk away with significant changes and return next year to share how they’ve made an impact in this world.

BAAYF 2016-4BAAYF 2016-10BAAYF 2016-17BAAYF 2016-21BAAYF 2016-19BAAYF 2016-24BAAYF 2016-30BAAYF 2016-41BAAYF 2016-46BAAYF 2016-56BAAYF 2016-58BAAYF 2016-71BAAYF 2016-72BAAYF 2016-77BAAYF 2016-88BAAYF 2016-98BAAYF 2016-102BAAYF 2016-117BAAYF 2016-121BAAYF 2016-139BAAYF 2016-144

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