Dino Success

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

As I look back at yesterday’s party, I can’t help but beam at the amount of smiles that I remember seeing. Many of the smiles given weren’t solicited by Juju’s words, but by his own squinty, cheesy smile. Even at 12 months old, he reminds me that the greatest gift we can give to others is joy. We can’t take away people’s trials, hardships, or loss, but we can give them joy that will release momentary pain with something beautiful and pure.

Thank you to those who helped make yesterday possible, the ice runs, the setting up, the baking, the clean up, and the gifts that will provide Juju with tons of entertainment to come!

Here are some photos we wanted to share with those who couldn’t make it. These photos were taken by myself, some friends, and our friend Tim on his camera. Who has me thinking about saving up my hustle money for some new equipment somewhere down the line. 😉

Jude 1st Bday-3 Jude 1st Bday-7 Jude 1st Bday-10 Jude 1st Bday-15 Jude 1st Bday-19 Jude 1st Bday-23 Jude 1st Bday-27 Jude 1st Bday-28 Jude 1st Bday-25 Jude 1st Bday-33 Jude 1st Bday-42 Jude 1st Bday-44 Jude 1st Bday-46 Jude 1st Bday-50 Jude 1st Bday-53 Jude 1st Bday-56 Jude 1st Bday-58 Jude 1st Bday-60 Jude 1st Bday-63 Jude 1st Bday-64 Jude 1st Bday-68 Jude 1st Bday-69 Jude 1st Bday-70 Jude 1st Bday-73 Jude 1st Bday-76 B&W Family photo Jude 1st Bday-98Jude 1st Bday-105Jude 1st Bday-124Jude 1st Bday-127 Jude 1st Bday-118 Popo & JujuJujuJuju's Cake Thizz Face Yu & Yuen Family Jude 1st Bday-132 Jude 1st Bday-135 Jude 1st Bday-141 Jude 1st Bday-148 Jude 1st Bday-150 San Lo Selfie Time#Judealexanderyu

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