“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” -anonymous

Not many of my friends are aware of my long time friendship with Ruth. It’s hard to see each other all the time, when we live so far apart. But truth be told, we’ve known each other for over 10 years. We were 2 out of 4 women on a team of nearly 30 that took a personality test that had us labeled as peacocks. I’m sure it doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out the personality traits that came with our package. That summer we became inseparable and laughed a million and one times. We reunited five years ago in Seattle and have remained in each other’s daily life since 2010.

While technology can get in the way of spending quality time with the people around you sometimes, it can also connect you to those who life afar. I am so grateful I’ve been given a chance to witness my Peacock’s journey into her adult life and now to journey with her at the altar where she’ll be getting married in a few weeks. God has been good to us both! Here’s a look back at our fun filled stagette weekend.

I’ve also included my favorite postcard inspired photographs. My friend, Josh has always made it a point to tell me how ridiculous it looks when he sees the amount of people who spend their commutes with their heads buried in their phones. I’m glad I took what he said to heart and looked up on my flight back. I’ve never caught a rainbow in midair, until now. = )

Ruth's Stagette-5 Ruth's Stagette-8 Ruth's Stagette-11 Ruth's Stagette-13 Ruth's Stagette-15 Ruth's Stagette-17 Ruth's Stagette-20 Ruth's Stagette-21 Ruth's Stagette-24 Ruth's Stagette-25 Ruth's Stagette-30 Ruth's Stagette-35 Ruth's Stagette-37 Ruth's Stagette-38 Ruth's Stagette-43 Ruth's Stagette-51 Ruth's Stagette-56 Ruth's Stagette-58 Ruth's Stagette-64 Ruth's Stagette-63 Ruth's Stagette-69 Ruth's Stagette-72 Ruth's Stagette-74 Ruth's Stagette-76 Ruth's Stagette-77 Ruth's Stagette-79 Ruth's Stagette-84 Ruth's Stagette-86 Ruth's Stagette-87 Ruth's Stagette-90 Ruth's Stagette-93 Ruth's Stagette-95 Ruth's Stagette-97 Ruth's Stagette-99 Ruth's Stagette-104 Ruth's Stagette-105 Ruth's Stagette-106 Ruth's Stagette-112 Ruth's Stagette-113 Ruth's Stagette-122 Ruth's Stagette-126 Ruth's Stagette-128 Ruth's Stagette-133 Ruth's Stagette-134 Ruth's Stagette-136 Ruth's Stagette-139 Ruth's Stagette-143 Ruth's Stagette-144 Ruth's Stagette-145 Ruth's Stagette-149 Ruth's Stagette-166 Ruth's Stagette-171 Ruth's Stagette-174 Ruth's Stagette-176

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