The Adventures of the Gavinator

“There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots, and the other is wings.”

Before Antonia flew back to Virginia, we wanted to squeeze in a special shoot for her son and her mom. Living so far away from her grandson doesn’t give them many opportunities to have photos together. I’ve been eyeing this public park for quite some time and wanted to check it out before another project I have lined up for next week. It was the perfect opportunity to scope out the place and to help capture some timeless photos of the two playing together. I had so much fun playing with them, I wish they lived closer. Good thing we’ll be traveling to see them and family in just two weeks!

Gavins edits-1 Gavins edits-14 Gavins edits-18 Gavins edits-21 Gavins edits-23

Gavins edits-25 Gavins edits-27 Gavins edits-33 Gavins edits-36 Gavins edits-38 Gavins edits-46 Gavins edits-49 Gavins edits-52 Gavins edits-54 Gavins edits-64 Gavins edits-66Gavins edits-67 Gavins edits-71 Gavins edits-76 Gavins edits-80 Gavins edits-81 Gavins edits-84 Gavins edits-85 Gavins edits-89 Gavins edits-92Gavins edits-107 Gavins edits-111 Gavins edits-108 Gavins edits-114 Gavins edits-121 Gavins edits-123 Gavins edits-127 Gavins edits-129 Gavins edits-130 Gavins edits-137 Gavins edits-138 Gavins edits-146 Gavins edits-148 Gavins edits-165

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