Family & Favorites

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” -George Bernard Shaw

The start of 2013 has been filled with incredible new learnings gleamed not from having the perfect start, but from the beauty of living. I have found peace in the knowing that each lesson and each day comes with an understanding of who I am and who stands by my side. This past week amongst the chaos of every day living, I have surrounded myself with my past and my present and that is what I want to remember. I started this week with my loving cousin and ended this week with my loving husband. I am blessed and that is enough. 


2 thoughts on “Family & Favorites

  1. Rosalie, you all look beautiful. I want a haircut like your hubby’s except mine’s just too thin. i do love both your leather jackets. i may want to get a black version of your hubby’s. Anna and her hubby also look great. So good to see you all here.

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