Happy 6 months, Chunkamunk!

“‘If I am thinking correctly,’ said Pooh, ‘a new baby is probably, undoubtedly the grandest gift that could ever be.'” 


This week, Jude turns 6 months old. Where has the time gone?!? I remember my water breaking and hoping out of bed with the speed of lightening just a few months ago. I know there will come a time, when his brattiness will have me venting up a storm but for now he is the light of my world. I am absolutely smitten and in love with our little man. 

For his half birthday, we wanted to do something special. So we took our little munchkin outdoors for the evening, in his little car and watched him fall in love with his ride. He even figured out how to honk the horn!

Jude 6 mos edits-3

“Where shall I go?”

Jude 6 mos edits-6Jude 6 mos edits-43

“Is my ride waxed and clean?”

Jude 6 mos edits-13

“Ma! Look how fun this is!”

Jude 6 mos edits-17 Jude 6 mos edits-24

“Ma, how’s my hair looking?”

Jude 6 mos edits-37Jude 6 mos edits-45 Jude 6 mos edits-47 Jude 6 mos edits-48 Jude 6 mos edits-54 Jude 6 mos edits-56 Jude 6 mos edits-60 Jude 6 mos edits-69 Jude 6 mos edits-72

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