It’s all about your attitude…

Recently, I’ve gone from teaching 4th-6th in a given day to teaching 6th for English Language Arts and 4th for math. The intervention class that I was working with was definitely making me question my worth. I am so thankful for coworkers that inspire me daily. My most recent learning has to do with learning to let go. We can’t play God in the classroom, we can try our very best, but some times the best thing we can do is to release a student. There are times when it’s the letting go that leads to the moving on and the development of a new bond taking place. I am learning with every day that my very best is enough. That’s hard to believe at times, but tonight I’m practicing those words over and over again. “My very best is enough and I am not alone.”

Weekly Teacher Tips

#1- Find people to share your highs and lows with at work.

#2- Treat yourself to something beautiful when you’re doing work in your office.

#3- Take care of yourself.

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