It’s the Little Things

“It is easier to build strong children then to repair broken men.” -Fredrick Douglas

I never got around to sharing these photos from Jude’s birthday trip down to San Diego from earlier this year until now. These past few months have been busy. I feel like my mind, my heart, and my body have been aching for rest.

Now that I finally have some time to sit down and to put into words the changes I’ve seen take place in our home, it’s so refreshing to see the big smiles I caught on camera over four months ago. I love how they brighten the screen in front of me, even at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

For some reason, five has brought on a whole lot of changes I didn’t know was coming our way. I remember my coworker telling me for years that one day Jude would grow out of this stage and that stage. It seemed so far fetched and distant to me at the time. Some how, in the span of a few months lots of little things have changed. Literally, the week after Jude turned five, we brought him to Build-a-Bear for the very first time and that night he told me he didn’t think he would need his “Roar, Roar” (Angel Dear Lion) anymore. I was stunned. He has never been able to sleep without it and just like that he had moved on.  These last few months have always been a season of grieving for me and my son has given me countless hugs and kisses and asked me time and time again. “Are you ok, mama?”,  “Will you still be sad tomorrow?” He notices everything and it melts my heart. Just this week, without knowing the anniversary of my father’s passing was coming up we walked through Costco and he asked me if we needed to buy flowers to go see his Gong Gong. I’m so proud of the little man he’s becoming and his daily decisions not to give up. From not giving up on learning how to ride his new bike, learning to read, and braving the dark upstairs on his own in order to retrieve his special toys. May all of his days continue to be filled with trying something new and never giving up!

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