5 Reasons Why I Love You

“…and she loved a little boy very very much, even more than she loved herself.” -Shel Silverstein

Earlier this week, our oldest son turned five. I still marvel at the fact that we get to be parents to this young child. He continues to stretch me in new ways and to remind me what’s important. To pay tribute to Jude, I wanted to jot down five reasons why I love him so much.

  1. You make every opportunity to make friends with people around you. Whether they be strangers at the grocery store or a new kid at the playground. You desire for community and you continuously invite others into your space.
  2. You’re incredibly attuned to people’s emotions. You can hear sadness, you can see frustration, and you can share in someone’s joy. What I love about you so much is that you don’t just see it in the moment, you continue to press in day after day. As you watched me grieve the loss of my spiritual mentor this past week and a half, you’ve asked me every day, “Mama, are you still sad about your good friend?” I hope you always notice the small things and continue loving on those in your life, just the way you do.
  3. You’re my favorite breakfast helper. You’re always shouting, “Wait for me!” The best part is seeing you beaming with pride when we deliver our food to our family and guests. You tilt your head to the side and smile with so much pride and it makes my heart melt.
  4. You’re gentle in so many ways. Even when you get annoyed with Ronan, you come to rock him before bedtime because he wants “Geh Geh” to “yao yao” him. And before you leave, you always plant the sweetest kiss on his forehead before running out of the room.
  5. You have found your voice this year.  You can tell us when something is working for you and when something isn’t. You speak up, you engage in conversation, and you help us become better parents by inviting us to process life with you.

We love you, Jude Yu! You will always be “this little light of mine.” Please let your light shine every day you have here on earth.

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