Happy 2nd Birthday, Roro!

“Somewhere inside all of us in the power to change the world.” -Roald Dahl

To my very salty caramel, I love you with all my heart. You drive me crazy, but every day I end the day loving you more. You truly are cute & prickly, salty & sweet, funny & witty, smart & mischievous, and a whole lot of fun. We have watched you grow in your appetite, lose all your baby fat in the process, and find that your greatest strengths have challenged and built up your brother’s weaknesses. You truly are one of a kind and I’m so glad you now have a lot more words to express all your feels. We are moving onward and upward into year two and I pray that you continue blessing us with your amazing sleeping abilities and love for learning.

Roro's 2nd Bday-30Roro's 2nd Bday-31Roro's 2nd Bday-34Roro's 2nd Bday-36Roro's 2nd Bday-37Roro's 2nd Bday-39Roro's 2nd Bday-41Roro's 2nd Bday-44Roro's 2nd Bday-45Roro's 2nd Bday-47Roro's 2nd Bday-53Roro's 2nd Bday-54Roro's 2nd Bday-57Roro's 2nd Bday-60Roro's 2nd Bday-62Roro's 2nd Bday-63Roro's 2nd Bday-77


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