Best Friends in Texas

“…this is our happily ever after.” -Anonymous

Although it was a family trip to Texas, it was really Ronan and Nattie’s first trip together as best friends. Since they’re with each other Tuesday through Thursday of each week, they have grown accustomed to each other’s presence. On our trip, it didn’t matter if Roro was waking up from a nap or waking up first thing in the morning, he would first say my name and then go onto repeating, “Mei Mei!” some 100 times before stopping after we brought up upstairs. Even though Nattie is 7 months older, you wouldn’t know it if you were to see these two together. They’re basically living sibling lives, both loving to care for one another and bickering over the simplest of things. Seeing these two nuggets come to life having the best non verbal conversation kinda makes my heart melt every time I look at these photos of these two. Obviously, there were lots of other people around this weekend but it was these two that were easiest to capture together because they wouldn’t leave each others sides, not even for a minute.

Texas '18-10Texas '18-2Texas '18-4Texas '18-6Texas '18-14Texas '18-17Texas '18-26Texas '18-31Texas '18-36Texas '18-41Texas '18-43Texas '18-45Texas '18-53Texas '18-58Texas '18-59Texas '18-68Texas '18-70Texas '18-72

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