Grateful Giving

“The things that we love tell us what we are.” – Thomas Aquinas

Thanksgiving this year was spent with both sides of our family. As usual, we started off the day with my dad’s side of the family. This is the first time that I made an effort to truly document our annual reunion. We have learned to take nothing for granted and to stop to capture what we have in the moment. While we were missing several cousins and my other aunt and uncle, we still gathered together and took photos during our afternoon walk. As I stood behind the tripod, reading the camera I could not help but think how proud my grandparents and my father must have been watching us from heaven. We have grown by adding many additional family members since they passed so long ago and here we are today, altogether to celebrate our gratitude for family.

To Baba, Yeh Yeh, and Nai Nai, we wish you could’ve feasted with us. Held your grandchildren and great grandchildren and joined us as we ate to our hearts content and laughed at all that was shared. We miss you and will never forget the example you set for us when we were growing up, the importance of coming together always with a great meal.



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