We made it to 10!

“Things may seem crazy right now…but some day you’ll miss this.” -Anonymous

Things really are a bit crazy around here. I got HMF last week and it took me awhile to feel 100% again. I am the worst at recognizing when my body is shutting down, I always tell myself “someone else has got it worse.” I’m grateful for the time I got to recuperate last weekend and early into this week. Before my eight shoots tomorrow, I had a chance to capture Ronan last weekend in peaceful bliss. He’s standing, pulling, calling “Ma-ma” and eating up a storm nowadays. Not much is changing, he’s just growing taller by the second. His overalls look like capris and his long sleeves look like quarter sleeves. Last weekend, I had to pull out all of Juju’s old 12-18 month clothes to swap out all the cropped tops in Roro’s dresser. We are t-minus 2 months to Roro’s big birthday and I just can’t believe it. I’m going to miss nursing and cuddling this big baby of mine. Here’s to relishing these last two months of being a true baby.

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