“…the earth has music for those who listen.” -Shakesphere

Last weekend we took our first friendcation with some family and friends. It was the first time, Juju had the chance to travel with someone his age and it was glorious. The two were so happy playing together basically all day long. The three little nuggets were adorable as ever as they took in the scenes from their baby carriers or from sitting on the sandy beach with sand running past their itty bitty fingers. Between all the good food, the donuts, the desserts, we had ourselves quite a blast. I hope these photos will bring back fond memories for years to come as we travel from place to place together. #squadgoalswiththeserascals

Slo '17-8Slo '17-11Slo '17-14Slo '17-19Slo '17-24Slo '17-29Slo '17-30Slo '17-48Slo '17-49Slo '17-61Slo '17-65Slo '17-89Slo '17-90Slo '17-91Slo '17-94Slo '17-106Slo '17-110Slo '17-115Slo '17-116Slo '17-117Slo '17-118Slo '17-120Slo '17-135Slo '17-124

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