A Shower to Remember

“…and she loved a little boy very very much, even more than she loved herself.” -Shel Silverstein

Today was Gina’s baby shower something I’ve been waiting for pretty much since the day she got married. Her party was thrown by Lauren who did such a phenomenal job putting everything together. I seriously felt like I was attending a gorgeous garden wedding, instead of someone’s baby shower. Every detail was taken care of with such care and the food was all delicious. Everyone I met at the party, pretty much confirmed what I already knew about my dear friend, Gina. Once you meet her, she stays as a permanent fixture in your life. She’s amazing in more ways than one and I have no doubts she’s going to make an amazing mama too. Everything that makes her an incredible daughter, sister, wife, and friend will all be channeled into her becoming the mom I know she’s going to be.

Gina's Baby Shower-4Gina's Baby Shower-7Gina's Baby Shower-11Gina's Baby Shower-16Gina's Baby Shower-18Gina's Baby Shower-20Gina's Baby Shower-21Gina's Baby Shower-27Gina's Baby Shower-31Gina's Baby Shower-33Gina's Baby Shower-37Gina's Baby Shower-38Gina's Baby Shower-46Gina's Baby Shower-47Gina's Baby Shower-48Gina's Baby Shower-49Gina's Baby Shower-53Gina's Baby Shower-54Gina's Baby Shower-56Gina's Baby Shower-60Gina's Baby Shower-70Gina's Baby Shower-72Gina's Baby Shower-87Gina's Baby Shower-88Gina's Baby Shower-91.jpgGina's Baby Shower-93Gina's Baby Shower-104Gina's Baby Shower-107Gina's Baby Shower-110Gina's Baby Shower-118Gina's Baby Shower-120Gina's Baby Shower-125Gina's Baby Shower-128Gina's Baby Shower-131


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