7 months and counting…

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spent it on.” -Leo Christopher

Ronan is closer to 8 months, than 7 months but I still wanted to squeeze in some time today to take some snapshots of this growing baby boy. This has been a big month in a lot of ways, he’s really gotten the hang of eating solids, he’s been working on getting over his HUGE right thigh to start the process of crawling, and he’s started forming the cutest “mmm” with his mouth in an attempt to start forming words. Basically everything you’ll see below consists of this month’s big milestones. I really adore his cues, his sweet cuddles, and most of all his chunkamunk bod. I know it’s only time before he starts slimming down, so for now here’s my big sweet baby. And guess what?!? I finally figured out how to use a remote to take photos from my dslr. GAME CHANGER! I vow to exist in this child’s albums and the start of it all begins now!

Roro 7 mo-7Roro 7 mo-11Roro 7 mo-12Roro 7 mo-13Roro 7 mo-20Roro 7 mo-29Roro 7 mo-30Roro 7 mo-33Roro 7 mo-35Roro 7 mo-38Roro 7 mo-44Roro 7 mo-45

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