Happy Birthday, Ms. Mini!

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” -Dr. Seuss

Happy birthday to my niece! We celebrated her first year with a Minnie themed party and it was perfect. Catered by Chikfila, dessert, and strawberries made it an easy laid back party. She did smashingly well for her first party and entertained every single one of her guests during her cake smash.

We love all the joy you bring into our lives and we’re glad we have a girl in the mix now that you’ve been born. I promise your cousins will protect you and share their noodles with you. Love you, Nattie Mei Mei! Can’t wait for the many memories we’re going to make in the years to come.

Nattie's 1st Bday-7Nattie's 1st Bday-5Nattie's 1st Bday-4Nattie's 1st Bday-13Nattie's 1st Bday-18Nattie's 1st Bday-24Nattie's 1st Bday-31Nattie's 1st Bday-33Nattie's 1st Bday-37Nattie's 1st Bday-39Nattie's 1st Bday-43Nattie's 1st Bday-45Nattie's 1st Bday-49Nattie's 1st Bday-50Nattie's 1st Bday-60Nattie's 1st Bday-66Nattie's 1st Bday-71Nattie's 1st Bday-82Nattie's 1st Bday-73Nattie's 1st Bday-77Nattie's 1st Bday-57

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