Roro’s Red Egg Ginger Party

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” -Marianne Williamson

Last weekend we celebrated Ronan’s Red Egg Ginger Party. Ronan had a chance to meet family and friends who haven’t had hungout with this chunkster yet. We decided to hire a Taiwanese food truck to cater the event and my brother helped me make a second batch of cookies after finding out how many people were coming for the day. All the prep work, cleaning, and setting up was sure worth it. Even big brother, Juju had a blast and asked first thing the next morning, “Where is Didi’s party? Where did everybody go?” Guess we’ll just have to wait for the weather to warm back up and to throw another party. 😉

Roro Red Egg-9Roro Red Egg-15Roro Red Egg-28Roro Red Egg-65Roro Red Egg-18Roro Red Egg-19Roro Red Egg-56Roro Red Egg-54Roro Red Egg-33Roro Red Egg-24Roro Red Egg-40Roro Red Egg-43Roro Red Egg-45Roro Red Egg-51Roro Red Egg-60Roro Red Egg-67Roro Red Egg-71Roro Red Egg-77Roro Red Egg-83Roro Red Egg-86Roro Red Egg-91Roro Red Egg-95Roro Red Egg-92Roro Red Egg-99

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