Mr. Mellow

“Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older.” -Peter Pan

This weekend Ronan turns four months old. This has been an especially fun month, now that he’s able to recognize his name and faces of those around him. We’re slowly discovering just how different he is from Jude. While they both love people, Ronan waits to make eye contact with someone before beaming into a smile. While Jude started jumping on our laps around this time, Ronan stands stick straight as strong as a tree. He’s patient and mellow and satisfied just hearing my voice. It blows my mind how different these two already are, but as I look back at Jude’s photos I see so many similarities among their differences. It’s a beautiful mix of flashbacks and new discoveries with this new man in my life. He’s the sweetest and my love for him continues to grow and grow.

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