Back to the Snow Snow

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.” -Anonymous

Last weekend we went back to the snow to fulfill Juju’s winter wish. It wasn’t long ago that we came back from Tahoe with him crying and wailing about not wanting to leave. This time was even better than the last. Ken found the cutest place to stay, I wouldn’t even let them get out of the car until I took pictures of the hotel room. Good thing the boys were all asleep in the car, while Mommy did what she wanted. I truly hope this will be an annual affair for our family and maybe next year we can even have Jude start on skis or a snowboard. My heart is full. Life’s challenges reminds me all the more of how precious time is.

Tahoe 3.12 Favs-1Tahoe 3.12 Favs-4Tahoe 3.12 Favs-18Tahoe 3.12 Favs-25Tahoe 3.12 Favs-30Tahoe 3.12 Favs-31Tahoe 3.12 Favs-38Tahoe 3.12 Favs-39Tahoe 3.12 Favs-46Tahoe 3.12 Favs-56Tahoe 3.12 Favs-64Tahoe 3.12 Favs-71Tahoe 3.12 Favs-74Tahoe 3.12 Favs-79Tahoe 3.12 Favs-84Tahoe 3.12 Favs-88Tahoe 3.12 Favs-92Tahoe 3.12 Favs-99Tahoe 3.12 Favs-108Tahoe 3.12 Favs-112Tahoe 3.12 Favs-115Tahoe 3.12 Favs-121Tahoe 3.12 Favs-127Tahoe 3.12 Favs-134Tahoe 3.12 Favs-136Tahoe 3.12 Favs-138Tahoe 3.12 Favs-152Tahoe 3.12 Favs-154Tahoe 3.12 Favs-157Tahoe 3.12 Favs-159Tahoe 3.12 Favs-163Tahoe 3.12 Favs-170

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