The Balancing Act

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

When we first had Jude, we were committed to limiting his TV time. Then little by little, reality hit. I had given birth to a kid with an incredible amount of energy and a passion to follow after Mama’s every step. If I’m putting on blush, he wants a turn with the brush. If I’m cooking, he wants a turn to stir. If I’m vacuuming, he can also wants to vacuum with me. If I’m prepping a flat lay for a photoshoot, he also brings over something to lay on top of my clothes.

As much as I love incorporating Jude into my every day chores and work, there are times I simply need him to be occupied long enough for me to cook when Ken is working late or when I need to fold two loads of laundry. So I have since learned that just like people today are striving for work life balance, I’m also learning how to strive for mommy life balance. So far every session of Big Hero 6, we go out for an hour of fun. These photos capture both sides of Jude’s real life. The waiting game and the living life game. The real truth in a home that’s always rotating with people, events, and mama’s work.

Jude 21 mos-48Jude 21 mos-51Jude 21 mos-56Jude 21 mos-57Jude 21 mos-58Jude 21 mos-61Jude 21 mos-65Jude 21 mos-67Jude 21 mos-69Jude 21 mos-70

One thought on “The Balancing Act

  1. Love this precious little face and all the moments you always capture. Especially the silly side eye glance in b&w!

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